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Somebody Feed Phil

How a food show about one guy eating brings joy to the world.

I will admit the only food shows I used to watch were on Sunday Afternoons on PBS, Channel 13. I worked from 7AM -3PM then run home and plop myself on the couch and watch Julia Child & Jacques Pepin, America's Test Kitchen, Lidia's Italy Kitchen and a few others. Oh man, I miss them. I would just drool and think about how I wanted to make certain dishes but I was way too exhausted. Sunday was my only short day since I worked 7 days a week and 16 hour days. Cleary this was years ago but they were so good that I still remember them. I am extremely selective about food shows since I don't watch much tv and I am not a fan of "reality" tv, but every once in a while I'll turn on the tv and find something new. During hardcore quarantine in NYC, I was working from home. After I was done with my days, I would turn on the tv to veg for a moment. One of my favorite shows was Chef's Table from Netflix. It was a show about the top chefs in the world. It was perfect since I knew half of these chefs and it was part of my job to know who they were. Discovering new restaurants was just a snippet of what I did. I've watched this show a few times and was ready for something new. As I scrolled I saw "Somebody Feed Phil". I kept scrolling and was like eh. Then a few days later, I decided to check it out.

I just pressed play, I didn't even start from the beginning of Season 1. The scene opens up in a desert, Arabic music and a man on a camel. Then he begins to narrate how his camel hates him and how man is not built to sit on a camel. Okay, I start to laugh. I skip the intro theme song and watch him go on his journey in Marrakesh. He is walking around a market with a top chef, goes to rooftop restaurant and starts to eat. Every once in a while the scene jumps from him dining with the gents to talking into the camera about what he experienced. He goes on a journey to someone's home and the cinematography is spectacular. He dines with the family and makes a faux pas while eating couscous but its so endearing. He is like everyone's silly uncle. Okay I like this Phil guy, I'll keep watching.

As I watched each show it usually opens with him doing something silly and narrating his idea or experience in this new city. He loves to explore and meet new people. My favorite thing about Phil however is that when he loves something he starts to squeal...Woohoo! Fist Pumps, his eyes wide open, he does a happy dance and screams out Come On! Sometimes he does all of that at the same time. He is such a big kid, he truly is enjoying every bite. He constantly makes wife jokes and talks about Richard. Who's Richard? His brother and producer of the show apparently, more on that later. Another thing he does in the show is Skype calls his parents and shares his experience in the city and shows them something new that he is about to eat. But the best part of the conversation is the realness and jokes from his dad Max. He always tells a joke and you can't help but crack up since they are so silly. Since I started with Season 3, it wasn't until later that I learned that his mom passed away a year ago. She was in the earlier season and she was the best. Her comebacks with her husband Max were hysterical.

When I watch the Marrakesh episode, he Skyped his dad and his wife was on the call. Hey, I know her! She is the actor from Everyone Loves Raymond. This shows you how oblivious I am, Phil was the producer of the show. Okay, I am loving him even more and understand the wife and Richard jokes. If you know anything about the show you know that its loosely based on his family dynamics. So I think Ricard was the favorite. LOL. If you watched Everybody Loves Raymond you will understand this reference.

As you can continue to watch each show, not only do you want to try the meals and restaurants but want to explore the city. Oh! Damn this quarantine but Phil brings so much joy, not only enjoying every bite he takes but the way he connects with people. He will stop strangers and just start eating with them. He will buy them a meal. He genuinely loves connecting with people. He even stops a scene to share food with his crew. It was what I needed while on lockdown. I would find myself smiling while sitting on my couch. Not worrying about Covid or what was happening in the world. Somebody Feed Phil is not just a food show it's about humanity and friendship. It's about connecting with new people, understanding other cultures and appreciating it; and also understanding that we have a lot of similarities. I started to tell my friends about the show on our group chat. I was telling my coworkers, if you want a smile and something lighthearted you have to watch Somebody Feed Phil. I never recommended a show so much but this is the show that we wanted, that we need at this difficult time. I had people message me, "I just watch the show, he is so funny." "Phil is a trip.", "Oh my goodness, I love Phil!" I knew it! If it made me feel better during this uncertain time, I knew others would appreciate it even if they weren't foodies.

Another thing about Phil, he loves chocolate! Okay he is officially my favorite person. If he loves chocolate then he's my people. He reacts the same way I do when I take a bite of chocolate and as you know I eat chocolate everyday. I thought to myself not only do I need to meet Phil, we need to travel together and eat chocolate. Now that's a show!

Well I watched all three seasons in a week. It was so much fun but I will admit there were a few times after turning off my work computer at home and turning on the show again. I just needed to unwind and Phil was the man to help me do that. In fact, when my job eliminated my position in July there was a rain storm. I made myself a Dark & Stormy cocktail, I was crying hysterically then turned on Somebody Feed Phil. I needed something lighthearted. I needed someone to show me that the world is okay and that I have something to look forward to. I actually messaged my friends while wiping my tears and told them I would be okay with my cocktail and Phil. He will make me laugh and I can dream of all the yummy food. If you want to know about that day you can just check it out here.

This show is more than just food, it's about friendship, family, discovering new people and appreciating the small things in life. You have to admit that this show is much needed in today's world. We need more people like Phil Rosenthal. Did he make me hungry? He sure did, but he made me laugh more. Now I'm a new journey, I don't have a job and I'm finally doing things I love. I created a blog and writing is hard for me. I'm visual, I'm a performer, this blog post is taking me forever to write because I want to make sure I say the right things. I'm glad I decided to watch this show. I've watched it while I was working from home, after I lost my job and a dozen times after that. But now I'm on a new journey and Somebody Feed Phil, Season 4 is launching Friday, October 30th on Netflix. Perfect Timing!

Now that a new season is coming I'll have Phil to cheer me up and make me hungry during my new journey. I still think he and I should do a chocolate show. If you want to know more about Phil he is on several social channels; instagram, twitter and Phil Rosenthal World. He is also part of Somebody Feed The People, were they hand out food to people standing on the long lines to cast their votes. I just watched him on a live instagram today where he mentioned that he wants to expand this program beyond the polls. If you haven't watch this show seriously don't wait, just don't turn it on while you are hungry. Make something you love or better yet order from your favorite restaurants and watch the show. Make a little feast out of it, trust me! Somebody Feed Phil is what the world needs right now. Everyone needs to watch it! Oh and if you are like me you might shed a tear or two, but you definitely will have lots of laughs. COME ON!


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