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For The Love Of Chocolate

How One Man Kept The Legacy of Teuscher's Beverly Hills Alive.

When I went to LA a few weeks ago, I went on a chocolate excursion. One of my favorite things to do is discovering new chocolates at different cities. I went to Beverly Hills and found a few chocolatiers I never tried before. However, I went to an old favorite Teuscher Beverly Hills. I told my friend that we had to get their Champagne Truffles, one of my favorites. It’s the most decadent bite of chocolate made exclusively with a Dom Perignon cream center.

We crossed the street to a beautifully decorated store, there were two small table with chairs outside. There was a man sitting at the table on the phone and we had to wait outside since there was a limit of 3 per person in store. He asked us if we were there for their new sipping chocolate. I didn’t know what that was, but my heart was set on the champagne truffle. We went inside the beautiful store filled with flowers and a gorgeous chandelier. I had to contain myself from the rows and rows of chocolate truffles and colorful wrappers. I got a dark chocolate champagne truffle for my friend and me. We walked out and the gentleman sitting outside asked if we got the sipping chocolate like he suggested. I told him I usually get the champagne truffle. He then asked if I wanted to try it. What I didn’t realized, this gentleman was the owner, Tom Gallop aka Mr. Truffles.

My friend and I sat outside and waited for him. I can’t lie I was excited to try his new sipping chocolate. He came back and gave us a cup filled with ice and chocolate. I took a sip, and it was heaven. It was perfectly dark chocolate, smooth and rich. We started to chat, and Tom told us how he got into the chocolate business. The original owners of the Beverly Hills location decided to close it after 30-something years. His then girlfriend now wife, Tara, asked him how much do you love me? She expressed how she couldn’t lose the Teuscher store, it was filled with memories. He looked at her, told her he would buy the store and found a new location. He singlehandedly decided to keep the Teuscher legacy alive in Beverly Hills.

I was in such awe of his commitment and energy. The way he spoke about chocolate and his wife Tara was heartwarming. He expressed how much he wanted to create a luxurious yet familiar place for his customers. As we sat there, he would be greeted by his neighbors from other stores. A few minutes later, as we chatted about Beverly Hills, my passion for chocolate and upcoming projects, Tara rolled up on her bike. Her hair was up and had beautiful flowers and butterflies, matching the Teuscher store décor. I congratulated her on finding someone that bought her a chocolate store. I mean, now that is a girl’s dream come true. We laughed and she said yes, Tom really loves me. I can tell they both love each other very much and it’s truly a family business. She went inside and a few minutes later Tom said his goodbyes. My friend and I stayed outside and continued to enjoy our delicious sipping chocolate. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and watched as people strolled down Beverly Hills. It was relaxing and luxurious.

I love Teusher chocolate very much and visit the New York store often, but Tom created something special in Beverly Hills. In an area full of wealth and luxury designer stores it didn’t feel like another chocolate store, it felt like your local neighborhood shop. Tom was friendly and full of energy. The seating outside was welcoming and you can’t beat sunny LA. I also love that we have a similar philosophy “Sometimes a little chocolate goes a long way. Other times, you need a lot of chocolate.” – Tom Gallop

If you are in LA, you must go to Beverly Hills and visit the Teuscher store. Besides my favorite champagne truffle, they have a variety of chocolates that you won’t be able to resist. During the holiday season they have Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas truffle trees and Santas. Plus, you must try the yummy sipping chocolate I had the opportunity to taste. If you go, tell Tom and Tara, I sent you. Don’t forget to sit outside, enjoy each bite or sip and watch the life of Beverly Hills go by. I have to say this was my most memorable chocolate adventure so far and it was so lovely chatting with Tom. I look forward to many more adventures and can’t wait to go back to L.A. to visit Mr. & Mrs. Truffles again.


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