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Meet Angelica

Angelica Roof

About Angelica

As a Native New Yorker, 20 years’ experience in Luxury Hospitality and the Luxury Fashion Industry Angelica has a passion for the finer things in life.  She worked in Five Diamond Hotel Properties such as The Mark Hotel, A Mandarin Oriental Property and Hotel Plaza Athénée in New York.  She then pivoted her career into Luxury Fashion in a unique role as concierge working with VIP clients at Fashion Mecca, Barneys New York. After 10 years of meeting the best designers in the world, going to fashion shows and becoming the first ever Wellness Ambassador for Barneys New York she was approached by Gucci to create and lead their first Concierge Service and partner with the Corporate CRM team for their new SoHo concept store, Gucci Wooster in New York City.   

Though Angelica had the opportunity to work at several of the best luxury brands in the world she always wanted to do more. Angelica wanted to share her passion for fashion and her obsessions of her favorite things; chocolate, shoes, and lingerie.  For years she was known to have unique shoes and a collection of 200 pairs of heels.  Oftentimes people would not even say hello to her and asked to see the shoes she was wearing at the moment.   Angelica would indulge in chocolate every day, working in New York City she had some of the best chocolatiers to choose from, a champagne truffle at Teuscher one day or La Maison du Chocolat the next.  The choices were endless, and the tastebuds were ready.  Angelica would often visit lingerie stores on Madison Avenue or go to Barneys New York 4th floor where all the beautiful lingerie was displayed.  She would buy a new piece of luxury lingerie each season.  Angelica believes that every woman should be able to have a great pair of heels, beautiful lingerie and the most decadent chocolate to feel and be her best.   

It wasn’t until the world changed in 2020 that Angelica decided to launch her blog and start sharing the things she loved.  While on lockdown and working from home, every night she would jump online to create her vision and share with the world.   In July 2020, Gucci restructured many of the corporate teams and Angelica was now available to work full-time on her blog.  It was at this moment she realized that she wanted to continue sharing what she loves, her knowledge and daily discoveries.  Angelica would continue to share her stories about her passions, help women with their health/fitness and become a Shoe Stylist helping women choose the correct footwear and how to walk in them properly. 

Besides Angelica’s love for all things luxury and chocolate, she also has a degree in Speech/Communication and Media Studies.  She created her wellness/fitness group, Team Pretty Tough after her own fitness journey.  She strives to not only share what she has learned but help others reach their wellness goals.  She is currently a freelance stylist for Jimmy Choo in New York City. 


To learn more and join Team Pretty Tough please visit here.  

To book a Shoe Styling appointment please send your email here.  


Follow her on Instagram for her daily adventures, fashion inspiration and maybe a bit of chocolate. 

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