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New Way of Living

Adjust and Adapt but never stop.

That quarantine life! Everyone is dealing with it differently. For the first time in a long time, I am not stressed out. What?! I know some of you right now are saying she's crazy. She lost it. But no, I feel at ease. Now to clarify even though I have my blog and my coaching business the majority of my income does come from my "9 to 5" and I am still employed. I am still trying to grow my other businesses. So I am very lucky and extremely grateful. I get to work from home and when I don't have any work projects I can focus on other things.

For the first time I can just be still. I like the quiet and I don't feel lonely. Let's have a little flashback, you see I'm Puerto Rican and the way I was raised...well. As a child I was not allowed to play with other kids, my toys, or go out. Not being able to do those things created a huge imagination and dreamer. I'm used to being alone. This was well into my teens until I left my house at a young age. I will admit to this day it's hard to make friends. I don't think I am an introvert. I like to have fun, be silly, dance, go out but I am okay with being alone too. You see in my regular job I deal with hundreds of people a day from all over the world. I also go to a lot of events after work. Lots of socializing, which I love. I meet incredible people and make new connections everyday. But this slow down has calmed my mind a bit. I am still an over-thinker and dreamer but it has also ignited me to work harder for my side business and you see that is where I get stuck.

The dreamer in me is like yes, this will work but then the little girl that was always alone doesn't know how to get someone else to want it just as bad. Sometimes I tell myself you are doing it all wrong, people don't get you, you need better lighting. Yes, lighting, ugh! I know I hear it too. But what it comes down to is adapting to this new way of life and not stopping. Sharing your dreams and fears with others. Just so you know I hate to share and I'm not talking about just my food.

So here I am, trying to adapt not just what's happening in the world but trying to find a way to enhance my business with this "free" time. Trying to encourage others to take the chance with me so we can build a business together. One thing I know for certain is if you don't have your own business, you are relying on your company to support you. Like I said before I am grateful I still have my job but when we get back to "regular life" what is going to happen? Nothing is secure but if I have my own business I know what will happen next even if it's failure. No it's not easy being a business owner, especially now but you make the decisions. You can adjust your business and pivot. You can start something new, there are so many options. But relying on a company and not knowing can be scary too. Maybe even scarier if you don't have a backup plan. So my backup plan is my side business, which is lifestyle management. What is that? The everyday that we never think about because we are on automatic. It's health, fitness, mindset and more! You see what's cool about my side business is the people that join my team win too! They will earn an income too, they can create as well. Plus the lonely little girl that was not able to play or have friends gets to have a community of people that might need her more than she needs them.

So as I sit here trying to figure out my next move and how to help someone else. I realized I took the biggest step by simply being vulnerable. Your move doesn't always have to be huge, that fact that you are moving is huge enough.


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