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How my daily routine & community keep me sane during quarantine.

Feel the Fear and Do it anyway.

There is one thing I never skip besides my daily does of chocolate and that is my workout. For the past three years I've been pressing play from home. I've gotten my best results from my at home workouts. I've been more consistent working out from home than anything I ever done before. No fancy equipment, no paying ridiculous fees, and not dealing with the gym locker rooms. Ladies, you know when I'm talking about. I mean we are all beautiful in our own way but I don't need to see all that. Working out from home also works with my schedule. I have over 1,000 workouts with super trainers that know their stuff. I have a meal plan, my yummy chocolate shake, and most importantly my fitfam community.

Now more than ever people feel isolated but thankfully we have technology. It might not be the same as human contact but nonetheless the tools are there to connect. I use these tools for myself and my team. It's more than just working out, we have a meal plan, a super shake and daily check-ins. We post our sweaty selfies, we support one another when someone is having a difficult time, and we cheer each other on. As someone that finds it difficult to connect with new people on a personal level it helps me to open up. I've come to realization after doing this for three years being a coach that I am not alone. I am so grateful especially during this time of a social distanc

ing I can still socialize. I have my workout buddies and I have my business partners.

I have to be honest for the first time in a long time, I feel at ease. I know that may sound crazy. How on earth? You can't go outside, you can't work, you can't see your friends? But I have my fitfam community and though I do have my job (forever grateful), I have my side business too! My side business is my community. I help people that feel alone, I help people find the workout that speaks to them. I help people find balance with their nutrition. I feel at ease because I have the tools to keep my sanity. I have people that are going through it with me. So when I speak to someone new and they are not sure if it will work, I tell them just face the fear and do it anyway! What is the worst that can happen? You meet new people, get yummy recipes, lose a couple of pounds and maybe make a little extra cash for a rainy day or maybe a lot cash to live your dream.

My daily routine keeps me sane, my community is my lifesaver!


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