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An Upcoming Latina Owned Jewelry Collection.

A Brand That Is For Anyone To Find Beauty And Confidence.

I'm always on the lookout for new brands and designers. It's even more exciting to discover a brand when it's owned by a Latina. I met Jaquelyn Rosario in January 2019 at The Lit Bar in the Bronx for a book event. I saw her, loved her outfit and complemented her. We started chatting and we exchanged our instagram handles. She didn't even live in NYC, she drove all the way from Pennsylvania to attend the event. I would see her stories and discovered she was a makeup artist. I would message her constantly when she posted a lip color or eye color. Fast forward to January 2020 and we saw each other again at another event. It really is a small world and it was great seeing her. We vowed to reconnect again and have dinner in the city when it got warmer but March rolled in and the world changed.

We would message each other every once in a while during lockdown. We would catch up and again I would ask her about the lip color she was wearing. One day she messaged me and asked for my address. She wanted to send some pieces of her upcoming jewelry collection, Feminsita & Co. I had seen some pictures she posted and thought they were beautiful but didn't realize she was just teasing us for her upcoming launch. She sent a few pieces my way. I was so flattered that she thought of me. Once I received them, I started playing with them. She sent me a chunky necklaces and a few smaller necklaces that I could layer. I also received two pairs of statement earrings and a bracelet. They were delicate and fun.

Jaquelyn is someone I admire so much. She works full time as a makeup artist, has a podcast, just became a new mom and is launching a jewelry collection. How does she find the time? I wanted to share her story and asked a few questions about her new brand.

1. Why did you decide to sell jewelry?

I have been in love with fashion and beauty since I was a young girl. Since a pre-teen, I have had this natural instinct when it comes to clothing and accessories and how to pair pieces that not only work well with each other, but makes men and women feel confident. I began Feminista & Co. as a jewelry brand because I truly feel that our accessory pieces are what transforms our clothing, It shows individuality and there are no rules and in my opinion, THE MORE THE BETTER! We are going to transition into apparel hopefully by then end of this year.

2. The brand name is interesting, why did you choose it? Is there a meaning/story behind it?

Feminista is Feminist in Spanish. I feel like over the past 5 years there has been a different feeling when I tell people I am a feminist and how I encourage everyone to be. To be a feminist, you are a believer and a supporter of equal rights of women, men, non binary, & LGBTQ. I used to feel nervous to tell anyone I was a feminist because I would see this look glaze over their face and I just knew images of men hating, non shaving women was flashing in their minds and anything I was going to follow with was not going to make a difference. I wanted to name the brand Feminista & Co. because I want anyone and everyone to feel confident in my pieces. When speaking to a business coach, they ask you to refine your target market. My response is still, “Anyone and everyone who finds beauty and confidence in my selections.”

3. Do you curate all your pieces?

Yes, I researched quality vendors, wore samples, bathed, and slept in the pieces to test how they wear. My reputation is everything to me. My word is everything to me. I want to ensure that not only am I providing that confidence piece, but that I am standing behind merchandise that lasts.

4. Is there anything else you want to share?

Feminista & Co. is a Latina owned business literally started from straight passion. Everything you see on the website, I felt connected to in a sense. I will not just sell trend. What sets us apart is a deep knowledge of the history of different fashions as well as an education in Image consulting. The brand was curated based on what could be worn everyday and could transition from day to night.

Feminista & Co. is launching on May 1st, 2021. Follow on instagram for updates and to see some of her other pieces.


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