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A Sunny Day in November

Slowing Down and Enjoying a day at Warwick, New York.

After a day of celebration on Saturday with my friend Cara the next morning I woke up a little later than usual. I tend to take it slow anyway but this Sunday I had to catch up on my fitness business. We had our quarterly meeting on Saturday that I had to watch and tons of new announcements were made. Plus we had a few sample workouts for our upcoming programs that will launch at the end of this year and beginning of Spring 2021. I finally got myself together and drank my pre-workout so I can test out the new programs and share with my team. Right when I was about to press play my best friend texted me and told me he would be at my place in 15 minutes. Whoops, I guess I won't be pressing play today. I jumped in the shower and picked the first thing I saw. Our plan was to drive out of NYC and go up north for the day. I had a feeling we might walk a bit so I put on my leopard print wedge shoes and a cute top. You never know! I threw on my crossbody bag for easy access and the next thing I knew my best friend was in front of my place.

We drove up by the Palisades Parkway and my best friend told me our first stop was going to be the state line lookout. We parked and walked by the edge, it was perfection. It was quiet and the view was spectacular. As a born and raised New Yorker I forget how magical other parts of our state is like. We stroll, take in the view and enjoy the sunshine. We get back into the car and my best friend asks me, okay where to next? We can go to New Paltz to the farmers market, I was open to anything but our last day trip was in New Paltz and we thought lets' explore something new. I suggested a winery in Warwick, NY and we were off.

As we drove towards Warwick, NY we passed beautiful homes and farm land. We came across a farm full of cattle. We slowed down to stare at them, again being New Yorkers surprised by live animals. We continued on the road and arrived at the winery. It was jammed packed and we felt uncomfortable. As we drove into the parking lot we looked around and though it was beautiful but we decided not to go in. We drove off and decided to go into the town to explore since I read about some antique, candy shops and restaurants. We arrived into town and it was beautiful.

As soon as we parked the car we turned the corner and there was candy shop and clothing store with a sale outside. I was going through the rack but I had to stop, no shopping. I am now thinking about the blue booties and the black velvet blazer I should have purchased for $20. The candy shop has the longest name Fizzy Lifting Soda Pop Candy Shop, they carry soda, bulk candy, old fashioned candy and their decor fun and nostalgic. We kept walking up Main Street and passed cute shops offering clothing, gifts, and jewelry. Then we headed into a coffee shop, Cafe e Dolci. It was bi-level in a pretty brick building, it had a faux fireplace, books and a food menu. We noticed the crepes but my friend order coffee to go. We decided to keep strolling and look at the cute buildings and beautiful homes.

As we continued to walk the hunger pangs began, we decided to look for a place to eat and as walked on the other side of Main St. there is was, Candy Apple Shop. It was a shop that specializes in chocolate covered apples and pretzels. I peeked in through the window and told my best friend that after our meal we are coming back here. We continued to walk to find a spot we all wanted. At this point I was so hungry I couldn't decide and just told them, anything. I get really cranky when I am hungry and I didn't want to ruin our day. We walked a bit more and turned into a part of the town that had a row of restaurants and there was an Italian restaurant with beautiful seating outside that were socially distanced from one another. We looked at the menu and just decided to dine here. There was a cute Olive Oil store, Warwick Valley Olive Oil Co., right next to it and decided after we finish we would visit. We sat down and though every single person at the restaurant were lovely it was the slowest service. We were there for more than two hours. Every part of the meal took a long time to get to us and when we wanted to pay our bill we had to look for them. The food was yummy but by the time we were done it was dark and the shops were closed. I didn't get to eat chocolate! It was 6:30PM and with the time change it felt so late. We had to remind ourselves that we weren't in the city and things are slower, but it really took way too long. We wanted to explore the town some more but couldn't since everything was closed.

We hopped in the car and drove around and looked at some of the beautiful homes. At this point it was getting darker and there was less lighting so off to New York City we went. As we drove back once again like the last trip we decided to look up to the sky. The dark sky was full of stars, another reminder to slow down for just a moment. We were talking about how perfect this weekend was weather wise and just the post election relief. We decided we would visit the town again but first go to the winery and of course we have to get chocolate.

This weekend was very spontaneous and much needed. Saturday was a day of celebration in the city with my fellow New Yorkers and Sunday was a day of calm and relief. I enjoy exploring my own state, it really is a gem. Taking a moment to just take it all in; the fall colors, the small shops, strolling without rushing somewhere. Yes, I am thinking about the chocolate that I didn't get to eat but this just means I have to go back. This weekend was a reminder to slow down and enjoy these moments. Even though there is a lot going on it's not all that bad.


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