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A Night Out At The New Buddha Bar

Taking a look at the New Sexy Buddha Bar in TriBeCa

I was invited to experience the new Buddha Bar space in Tribeca, New York. I walked in and I was greeted by the host with the Buddha Bar sign lit behind him. On the left was the stairs to the lounge and on the right was the steps to go down to the main dining room. The Maître’ d greeted me and took me to the lounge. I walked in and headed towards the first table, it was overlooking the main dining room with the large Buddha glowing below.

The lounge had small individual tables on the side where you can people watch below, tall tables in the middle for those that just want to socialize and the the bar on the left. But the hidden part of the lounge was the back, they had individual tables right behind the bar that was dark and sexy. The DJ was in the lounge playing cool music. The server came by with a drink, Million Dollar Man and it was delicious. They offered duck wontons, tuna tartar with guacamole and fresh basil tomato with mozzarella hor d'oeuvres.

After my first cocktail the private events manager offered a tour of their private rooms. She walked me to the back to their two rooms. As soon as you walked you were greeted by a lovely scent. The room was brighter and had beautiful wood paneling throughout the walls and carved wood on the ceiling. We then entered a larger room through sliding doors, again the scent was beautiful. The second space could fit about 100 people. The rooms were different from the main dining room, however the perks to having this space is the private entrance and bathrooms. In addition, the DJ can pump the music into the room and it’s like having your own nightclub.

We walked out the private entrance and you were back at the main door of the restaurant. I then took a stroll downstairs to the main dining room. There were steps right in front of the giant Buddha sculpture and I had to take pictures. The sculpture was put together piece by piece and illuminated with lights above that would change. The main dining room had large round tables for groups and smaller tables by the wall. They had spotlights and tall lanterns that created a movie like quality to the space.

I went back to the lounge to meet a few more of the team members and have another Million Dollar Man, it was too yummy to not get another cocktail. It’s been a long time since I had a chance to experience a trendy lounge with good drinks and food. Buddha Bar was missed, and I am glad it’s back in New York. It caters to so many individuals, whether you want to have cocktails with friends, have a great meal or looking to host a private event, this is the spot. It’s chic and sexy!


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