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When You Can't Control Your Shoe Addiction!

And some tips to have fun with your shoes and wardrobe.

One day I was sitting in front of my computer trying to be productive. I was going over all those website accounts I signed up with. You known the ones, the shopping ones. You shopped once and now you have an account, another password to remember. I was deleting, no more shopping. No more for a while anyway. It's time to buckle down on the finances.. plus I don't need anymore clothes or shoes. Where am I going? We are in the middle of a pandemic. As I log into DSW, which I am a VIP Member, I saw a pair of leopard print open toe wedges. NO!!! Sign out! But I began to scroll. J.Lo just launched her latest collection. NOOOO!! Please stop tempting me. But the next thing you know I had 15 pairs of shoes in my shopping cart. The shoes were all $14.99 each. What! How is this possible? These shoes are gorgeous. I was about to click PAY but I removed some of the shoes from my shopping cart. I don't need all these shoes. So I kept 9 pairs in the cart. That was close, I clicked pay and 5 pairs of shoes were sold out in my size. I only had 4 pairs left. Why! Fine, I will get the 4 pairs, don't look back. Since I am a VIP Member I was offered a discount on top of the already great price of $14.99. I paid a total of $39.96 with free shipping for all 4 pairs. I KNOW!

Okay so where am I going now? I have to go somewhere. I already bought 2 pairs of sandals earlier in the Summer that I didn't wear now I have these additional 4 pairs of fab shoes. So for the next couple of weeks before it gets too cold in the city I am going to put some outfits together and strut my stuff with my mask on and show off my latest beauties.

Speaking of beauties, I recently got asked for shoe advice.. So here goes....

If you don’t wear a lot of color, play with prints with your shoes or if you are adventurous with your wardrobe mix your prints. Just make sure there is a color contrast.

If you are short and want to wear flats a nice platform flat are cute and will give you a bit of height.

If you can’t handle high heels a wedge is always a winner. They can be sexy too.

If you can’t handle stilettos but want the height and a little bit of comfort go with a platform bottom. Not to high of a platform cause then it looks tacky unless it’s a specific fashion moment.

And always have fun with colors and textures!


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