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Unicorn Cake Dreams

A Surprise Party That Filled My Heart With Joy.

If you've followed my birthday adventure last week you know that I decided to actually celebrate my birthday this year and do a cake hopping tour in the city. I also shared how one of the bakeries disappointed me when I went to pick up my mini unicorn cake and it was closed. I ended up getting a refund but I was still bummed out. I talked about it for a few days then decided to let it go. I have things to do and it just a cake. My friends and I were planning a brunch at one of their homes over the weekend since we hardly see each other. I get to my friend's house and they took me to the living room. The wall was set up with balloons and a lingerie garland. I loved it! They created an entire theme based on my brand and then my friend and I had a photoshoot.

We went to the kitchen, hung out, ate, talked and drank the Prosecco Punch I made for them. I went to the living room to take a few photos and when I went back into the kitchen my friend told me to look at the table. It was a huge unicorn cake. I gasped and had to walk away. I suddenly felt emotional and started to cry laugh. I told my friend, you are so stupid. I was cracking up and crying at the same time. Not only did they buy me the cake I wanted, they bought be the big one. I was touched, embarrassed and filled with joy. I felt like a little kid. I mean it's a unicorn cake for goodness sake. I'm not that girly! My friend told me to grab the cake and it was on to another photoshoot. I took the cake to the living room and then my friend's daughter's room with the bright lights. I really had a photoshoot with a cake. LOL! Who knew a cake would play a huge role in my emotional state.

We hung out some more than it was time to cut the cake. When I cut into it the cake it was filled with chocolate and sprinkles. I started to scream, at the moment I felt like a little girl. I was so excited and it was as though all the years of loneliness and bad cakes disappeared at the very moment. My friends and I have been together since high school. We are all different, have different dreams and lives but we are very connected. It's hard to explain it. I am grateful for my friends and what they did for me. For a quick moment I felt a little guilt, like oh she is crying over a cake but then I realized my friends were listening to me. They heard me, it wasn't just about a cake but what that cake signified. It was more than just having a unicorn cake but not being alone anymore, listening to my dreams and doing something I wanted to do. I felt a sigh of relief that the past was behind me. No more thinking about what went wrong or how alone I felt but joy in knowing that I have people in my life that get me. They understand my crazy and there is no judgement. I am forever grateful for them and what they did for me. It was exactly what I needed.


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