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Transforming Your Vibration With Reiki

A Latina Offering Reiki Sessions, Tarot Readings and Spiritual Advisement To Help Heal Your Energy.

Once again, I met another fabulous woman! I can’t tell you how exciting it is to meet women that are living their truth. I met Alyscia Rivera a few weeks ago at the Lady Leadership Event. I’ve spoken about it a few times, and she was one of the other vendors, High Vibration Shop, that stood out to me. She had a table filled with beautiful crystals, sage and charts with crystals on top. If I could buy all the crystals I would, beside their powers they are so beautiful.

Her crystals were categorized, and I decided to buy a few, she approached me and began to explain their purpose and meaning. Although they were all labeled, I loved that she took the time to explain it to me. I was asking her about her shop in Allentown, PA and she informed me that in addition to her crystals she is a Reiki Healer, offers Tarot Readings and is a Spiritual Advisor. I took her card and when I got back to NYC, I looked her up.

You can book her services online such as Reiki Treatment, Sound Bath with Intuitive Crystal Healing and Spiritual Advising with Meditation. She also has an outreach program for children. I reached out to her and asked her a few questions about her journey, services and what Reiki really means for those who don’t understand.

When we met at the Lady Leadership Event, I initially thought you just had a crystal shop, however you are certified in Reiki and do tarot card readings. Can you share more about the journey and for some that may not understand what it means?

I actually started my journey with receiving my level 1 & 2 reiki certification an ancient Japanese healing technique to clear and align your 7 energy centers known as your chakras. To strengthen my channeling gifts, I then began reading cards to give others messages and clarity on their current journey. I like to think of my readings as more healing rather than trying to predict the future. I also offer spiritual advising sessions as one on one learning sessions and sound baths to quickly assist in clearing and raising auric frequency. I began these practices while living in Hawaii and really wanted to bring these traditions to my home, the Lehigh Valley to uplift the community I was raised in. I then over a year later launched High Vibration Shop to not only provide healing services but also healing tools for others to use in their journey like crystals, smudge sticks, healing crystal jewelry, crystal candles, crystal grids, bundles, meditation tools, herbal medicine, and handmade resin pieces.

I see on your website that people can book services with you, do you offer virtual services as well?

I offer all of my services besides reiki virtually because energy travels. Although I can offer distant reiki I prefer not to because I like to physically connect with my clients and give them a true relaxing experience.

You have a Community Outreach Program and offer free Reiki sessions to children ages 7 - 17. How do these sessions benefit these young children? Can you share more with us?

I began this program because of the years of my childhood I spent struggling with my mental health. Children are the future and I know that through them is how we can make the necessary changes our world needs. Reiki assists in healing physical; mental and spiritual ailments and I feel it is important for children to have a safe space and person to assist them in understanding their self and their feelings on their journey. Children that have received this service showed improvement in mood, behavior and overall mental health.

I noticed that you are creating classes, what kind of classes will you teach or is it too soon to ask?

I host classes, workshops, ceremonies and spiritual gatherings to provide knowledge and a place for people to learn and connect through community. The month of August I have partnered with my friend Brielle Monegro that is visiting from Costa Rica to bring multiple yoga classes, meditation workshops and a Lion’s Gate Gathering for the New Moon to the Lehigh Valley.

Can people also shop your crystals, candles, etc. online or is it in-store only?

All products will be available and restocked on on September 1st, 2021, and a store front will be coming in 2022. So, stay updated with our shop, classes and services through our mailing list found on our website or our Instagram @highvibrationshop

Is there anything else you would like to share?

High Vibration Shop is not just a business, but it is a movement, a movement to heal. I began it to bring knowledge, love and inspiration to others. The power of healing is within all of us, and I simply teach others how to activate and heal themselves through tools I have learned on my journey, like the many services and items I offer through High Vibration Shop. My mission is to give an alternative and natural method of medicine and healing to anyone I can reach. I constantly am expanding my education to bring the highest quality services, classes and products to my shop and clients.

If you are ready to get some clarity, heal your energy and chakras, visit the High Vibrations Shop website, and book your appointment.


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