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Taking A Moment For Yourself

A hectic day turned into a moment of clarity.

Last Friday I was having a day. I woke up a little later than I wanted, I had to meet a few people in the city and had multiple calls throughout the day. I started my day with my usual but on full speed. Breakfast, pre-workout drink, personal development session, workout, get ready and run out the door. It was also 80 degrees in New York. The first hot day in Spring that I was not prepared for at the moment. It's always like New York weather to go from Winter to a day of Summer. I threw on a slip dress with a cropped sweater and sneakers. I did not have time to style my hair so up in a pony tail it went.

I ran to my first meet up a little bit more stressed than I intended since some time between walking to the train station and getting a seat on the subway something went into my eye. I normally wear sunglasses but I get so hot with both my mask and sunglasses. Of course, I also forgot my compact mirror. I kept grabbing my phone and putting it on camera mode to look into my eye but I couldn't see a thing. I just wanted to arrive at my appointment so I could get this thing out. I got there and begged for a mirror. Thankfully I know this person well so they weren't phased by me. I could not see what was in my eye, it was killing me. It ended up being a fine white string from my teddy bear coat. I have no idea how it got there but I was able to get it out. As I proceeded with my day and went to my next appointment. I was cutting it close to my 4PM call. My call was about to start and I still had to go to Zara to return something. I also hadn't eaten since the morning. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and cranky.

The call was about to start and I was still on the streets of the city by the Flatiron District. I put on my earphones and started to walk quickly. I began to fix my necklace and noticed I lost one of them. I have no idea how it happened but that was the least of my problems. I found a ledge of a building and sat down for my call. Once it was done, I just sat there and took a breath. I began to reflect for a moment and was trying to figure out how I lost my necklace. I checked my emails quickly and received a message that my 7PM call was rescheduled for Sunday. I was so relieved but also very hungry. I began to walk towards Eataly and thought to myself that I would get a quick bite. I was to hungry to think and I couldn't make a decision. I left and decided to walk a few more blocks, find a spot or go home. As I walked on Broadway towards 26th Street I saw one of my favorite restaurants, La Pecora Bianca. That's when I decided to treat myself, change my mindset and turn my day around.

I sat outside at a mini enclosed section for two right in front of Rizzoli bookstore. I ordered a cocktail as an appetizer, some beets, scallops and a rosé. As I sipped on my cocktail my mind started to slow down and relax. I began to people watch and normally this area is extremely busy but it was quiet. Every once in a while I see someone stroll by, walking their dog or in a rush. As I stared at Rizzoli's window display there were books filled of powerful women in honor of Women's History Month. I felt as though all the covers were looking back at me and I began to get a bit emotional.

This was my first time in a year at a fine restaurant. I used to come here when I made a 6-figure salary and here I am today creating my 7-figure life. These women were my dining companions. They sat with me and were reminding me that there is room for me too. I am capable of creating the life I want. They were telling me that I belong with them. I ate my beautiful and delicious meal while thinking to myself that this moment was much needed. Even though it was a hectic day and I had a few bad moments I handled it with calm and ease. I took a moment to slow down and be with myself. I gave myself something I loved and did not feel guilt over it. I decided not to let the crazy day affect my mental state. The old me would've been so upset and hold on to the lost of my necklace. Yes, I am a little sad but maybe someone else found it and it made their day. Perhaps they needed it more than I did. After my meal, I received a discount card for Rizzoli's bookstore from the restaurant. I went inside and thought I would buy a book of one of the women that were dining with me but I got distracted with books about fashion, and of course purchased a book about shoes. It's still a win!

I shared my thoughts with my audience and Sunday on one of my group calls. I wanted to remind my audience and the women in my life that it's okay to take a moment for themselves. It is okay to slow down and sometimes we have to let go of the bad things that might change our mood. It took me a long time to learn this. We can't control everything but we can control the way we feel. So today I ask you: Do you take moments to slow down? Do you treat yourself? Do you still hang on to the bad stuff that happened to you?


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