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Summer Virtual Fit Club

A community of people that want more than just fitness.

Starting the month of June, I'm starting my Summer Slay Virtual Fit Club. It's not just online workouts. It's a community of women and men coming together to support each other with consistency. Consistency with fitness, nutrition and mental health. For the next couple of weeks I am challenging people to get out of their comfort zones and join my team to better health.

What You Get

I will help choose the right workout from our library of 69 workout programs featuring over 100's of unique workouts. The workout options range from Weight Lost, Lean & Sculpt, Strength & Muscle, Cardio, Low Impact, Yoga, Pre & Post Natal, Kids, and Dance. Not only do you have all these options but we will work together to plan the right nutrtion plan to help with your goals. There will be a weekly touch base, access to over 300 recipes including vegan options. A special app to log in all workouts and chat with the rest of the team.

Now more than ever we need community . It's not just about weight lost. It's about coming together with one common goal, to be better. Pandemic or not, we have to unite. We need something more.

An application is available to determine what program would be best for you. Just click on Summer Slay to get more info. I can't wait to help and connect with you!


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