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Puerto Rican Coffee For A Good Cause

A Coffee Brand, Cafe Ama Created By a 10 Year Old Girl To Help Entrepreneurial Growth For The Children Of Puerto Rico.

A few weeks ago, I hosted an event with Kendra Scott SoHo and 20% of the sales went to Friends of Puerto Rico. They are an organization that help supports the economic development of the Puerto Rican people through entrepreneurial initiatives, education, and creating opportunities for women and girls. One of the brands supported by the organization is Café Ama. As a thank you for making them my organization of choice for the event, they sent me a bag of their coffee. Café Ama is coffee from the island created by a 10-year-old girl, Amapola.

After Hurricane María, Ama found coffee beans near her home that survived the disastrous storm. She planted these magical beans in honor of her coffee-bean farming ancestors and was amazed to see that they blossomed into acres and acres of coffee plants.

She decided to take these beans and sell them to people all over the world, spreading delicious coffee and appreciation for her beautiful island of Puerto Rico as she went. 100% of the proceeds go to the SEEDS Program developed by Friends of Puerto Rico. SEEDS is a youth entrepreneurship program that launched in 2019 in five schools in Puerto Rico, where 100 students use Café Amapola as their tool to learn entrepreneurship and obtain hands-on experience.

If you are a coffee lover and want to support a great cause visit Café Ama’s website to make a purchase. Not only will you get yummy coffee from the island of Puerto Rico, but you will also be helping hundreds of children build their businesses.

To learn more about Friends of Puerto Rico and their programs visit their site here.


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