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Papaya Tropical

Women from Puerto Rico providing Education and Enjoyment in Women's Sexual Health.

A friend of mine who lived in Puerto Rico moved to New York to finish his masters in marketing. He and I are always talking about ideas and things we want to do for our Puerto Rican community. He has now established his own marketing company and is working on his candle brand as well. Since one of his missions is to work with a lot of Puerto Rican brands from the island and bring them to the states, I am always bothering him and asking him to introduce me to people. You see I am determined to find Puerto Rican brands and designers. Yes, I love luxury brands and the budget friendly brands but Indy brand are fun. I want to share as many as possible especially if they are from Puerto Rico. Yes, I might be bias but I will only share what I love. I promise!

My friend introduce me to the lovely ladies of Papaya Tropical, a brand that focuses on Women's Sexual Health. I started following them on instagram and they really get into details. In fact, their page has been reported multiple times which makes no sense since it's not porn. But some people don't have an open mind. Please don't get me started. These lovely ladies live in San Juan, Puerto Rico and decided to talk about women's sexual health since there is such a stigma about it. They cover multiple subjects from women's monthly cycle to sex. They have a blog as well with detailed subject matter if you want to get more information besides their instagram posts. They also sell items on their websites ranging from fashionable accessories from brands they love, their own brand and sex education webinars. They recently started doing a box subcription service. I missed the first box since it sold out immediately, however I was able to snag their second box for October's Theme: Bruja Box or Diosa Box (Witch or Goddess Box). Clearly I chose the Goddess Box. I received the box and it was fill with some valuable goodies. Two crystals, palo Viejo (to ward off evil spirits), Spanish herbs to bathe in (again to cleanse any evil spirits), room spray to cleanse the home, cream, a card with the moon cycles of 2021, a yoni egg for your sexual health and a Diosa card. Did you sense the theme here for October? Warding off the evil spirit as we get closer to the Halloween and Day of the Dead. We only want the good spirits around us. The second box also sold out immediately. I understand why! The quality of the products are excellent and the box only costs $60. Oh and the box was designed by my friend, House of Luxe. How cool! A day before my box arrived I received a text from one of it's founders', Vanessa, she wanted to send me further details about the item and how to use them via email. We chatted for a moment and I was so impressed that she took the time to message me.

The Papaya Tropical Team normally hold events, seminars and parties however this year is quiet different so they've been hosting multiple live events on instagram and virtual events. They hosted a virtual event on October 31st called Noche de Brujas celebrating the 4 goddesses of the earth (Air, Fire, Water, Land). The event was filled with spells, dance and songs to the moon to honor women and recognize that we are all witches. Around the world they are united in circles for the global blessing of the uterus with the energetic powers of the full moon. Since it was a Blue Moon it was at it's most powerful and they gathered together to celebrate and rejoice each woman.

Papaya Tropical is based in Puerto Rico and is primarily in Spanish, however they have a lot of information in English. The founders both speak English as well. With today's technology you don't have to be in the island to attend one of their webinars or events. As for the Spanish, you have Google Translate or you can learn a new language; what better language to learn than one of the romantic languages. Their blog has more information and I recommend you follow their page on instagram to get the inside scoop on their next box and more.


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