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New York Fashion Week Virtual Shows

My favorites from the first full day of New York Fashion Week.

The first full day of Fashion Week has arrived. I was excited to finally see shows nonstop all day, granted it's all virtual but nonetheless I could sit and watch comfortably from home. When I worked in luxury fashion I had the opportunity to go to shows and even watch all day on my huge big screen computer that was the size of a flat screen tv. I even remember once we hosted a live stream of the Burberry Show for our VIP clients and when the show ended we surprised them with the collection. They were able to purchase it on the spot. That was fun!

This year I will sit on my couch or floor and watch the shows while wearing jogging pants. I was so excited to get started. I was ready to take notes and discover new brands. There were so many names on the schedule that I was unaware of, I really haven't been paying attention lately. This year the majority of the shows are pre-recorded. I sat and watched Jason Wu's show which was actually live, okay the dresses were flowy, 70's vibe. Okay pretty, the sound that was used was distracting though. Ok next show, it was a Q&A with Alexandra O'Neill and Sergio Hudson on their designs for Dr. Jill Biden and Michelle Obama. I enjoyed hearing their stories and loved that they were highlighted early into Fashion Week.

As the shows played, I was either bored or trying to figure out what was happening. A lot of the designers really focused on the artistry of the film as opposed to the clothes. I get it, they have to make it pop. They are creative but the clothes were boring. Some videos were distorted, one designer had models walking in a green room with water and the clothes all looked like it was from Forever 21. Some of the models didn't know how to walk, though throughout the years the runway walk has become so stiff and scary. I can't blame all the models. Some films ran from 2 minutes to 17 minutes. One after another I couldn't, the film was either too distracting or the clothes were so blah. Then I saw the Raisa Vanessa's film.

The film opened with architectural details, haunting music and models walking down all dressed in copper and brown. Finally! The details of every look from the color combos, the accessories and textures were perfection. The film was also top notch. Individual shots, group shots, high, low at an angle, going up and down the stairs and escalators as though they were walking a runway. The colors ranged from copper, blues, reds, plaid to gold. I noticed broad 30's shoulders, cut outs, high thigh cut dresses. The accessories were out of this world. The earrings were bold, the belts were huge, the sunglasses were mysterious and the shoes were gorgeous. I have never watched a show were I loved every single piece. I pictured myself in every look and felt like it would look great. For the first time I felt like I could wear everything on this film.

A few more shows and they were eh but then I saw two more that I loved. Lavie by CK and Bronx & Banco. Lavie by CK's film was 7 minutes long called, The Royal Empire. It was beautifully made and the clothing were beautiful African prints and styles. They showed greens, orange and blue with oversized pearl chokers, gold bangles and necklaces. The men in the video wore the same pattern pants with gold chains as they crowned their queen. In one part of the video, the queen emerges from a double door in an empire ball gown in purple, green & white. The patterns, shapes and the colors were so beautiful and again I though to myself I need these dresses.

Bronx & Banco brought in the glam. It's primarily an evening collection and it was all sparkle. Again, one after another I was falling in love. I want that one no, that one. I sensed a theme, broad 30's shoulders, cut out sides and 70's nightlife glitter. Feathers, sequins, velvet, satin, mesh, all the things for the glamorous woman.

Overall day one of Fashion Week was alright. I personally think the designers focused too much on the films aesthetic as opposed to that actual designs. I did see a theme with many of the designers it ranges from 30's broad shoulders, 70's style flowy dresses, glam nightlife, cut out dress and short 60's style dresses. But these three designers are my favorite of the day. The colors and shapes were beautiful. The pieces had gorgeous details and the films focused on the designs.


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