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New Year's Day Tradition

A Day To Chill And A Bit Of Nostalgia.

I have a New Year's Day Tradition, it's simple, yet maybe weird. When I worked in the hospitality industry I didn't have holidays off. I worked all the time, while others partied I would go home to sleep. As the years passed I finally got a holiday off and it was January 1st. I still didn't party even if I had the first off. I would stay awake until midnight, pour myself a glass of Vueve Cliquot in my heels and pajamas then head to bed. In the morning, I would make myself an indulgent breakfast and watch The Honeymooners Marathon.

When I left the hospitality industry and went to the fashion industry I was able to get some of the major holidays off but the first was always a work day. I worked on New Year's Day once and it was such a waste of a day. Just sitting there doing nothing but play with the internet, sure I was getting paid but I rather have stayed home eating my yummy breakfast and laughing at the same episodes I've watch hundreds of times. After that one time, I told my job that I don't work on the first and then the tradition of watching The Honeymooners was more consistent.

Sure I could probably sleep in, watch movies or listen to music but it just doesn't seem right without watching The Honeymooners on the first day of the new year. There is something about the comedy, costumes and innocence. It reminds me of my childhood when I use to watch the show in a small black and white tv. So that's my New Year's Day tradition, it's silly but it feels comforting. Do you have a New Year's Day tradition?


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