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New Year, New Hair!

Changing My Look And Mindset.

2020 has been a year and I don't expect 2021 to magically change but I decided to take a leap into a new hairstyle or rather hair color. I haven't dyed my hair since 2010. I've been on a mission trying to find the right stylist. I just wanted someone who would listen to my needs and wants. I wanted to get a haircut and just trim the ends and not end up with most of my hair chopped off. I didn't want to spend over $500 for a cut I hated, especially now that I am not working.

This past summer a friend of mine was in my neighborhood to get her hair done, she came all the way from the Bronx. When I saw her after her appointment she looked fab. At first I didn't think about it but when September rolled around I needed a cut. My friend reminded me of Kristijana. I booked my appointment after chatting with her on insta and she was straightforward. I told her what I wanted and she said no. She said if I do that to your hair you are going to hate me. She explained why it wouldn't work with my hair because of the current damage. I thought okay, I finally have someone that explains things and doesn't just start cutting away. I left the salon and I was happy. My hair was back to getting healthy. Fast forward to December and I kept seeing her color work via instagram. I kept messaging her that she is tempting me to dye my hair again but I am so low maintenance. I thought you know what, take the chance! Why not? And I booked my appointment for the end of the year and figured I can the new year with a new look.

I sat on the chair and told her I want to cut my bangs a bit, I still want them long but she said no. Okay, again she is denying me. She explained that if she was going to color my hair that it wouldn't work or look good at all. Okay I trust you. Before I knew it the foils were being placed on my hair and I was under the dryer. She dried my hair and I couldn't believe it. The color I've been trying to achieve for years was on my head. She did it! And it actually looks great. I've had some bad color done to my hair in the past. Like seriously, what the brass is going on. But not this time! She achieved the color I thought I could never have on my pitch black hair.

It's making me feel all the things. You know what I mean, get out of my way, this is me walking through the door, you can't stop me feeling. Oh ya! If we can accomplish this look on my hair then I can accomplish anything in 2021. So as we roll into a New Year and I flip my new hair, I'm ready for the next chapter of positive changes in my life. No more, I don't think I could do that and just going for it.


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