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Luxury Sustainable Skincare Infused With Crystal.

A Woman Owned Business Changing The Way We Think And Use Skincare.

Last year I shared a holiday gift guide that was created by one of my groups. It was filled with small businesses created by women. I'm always on the lookout for something unique and luxurious, one of the brands on this list was a crystal infused skincare line called N|S Beauty. Since I've gotten to know many of the women in my group it was easy for me to ask Nikole, N|S Beauty founder questions about my allergies. She answered my questions and I decided to buy some of her products. Of course it was in December 2020 when all the packages were delayed. Nickole was so sweet and would message me. "I see the package, it's almost there." We joked about it everyday but she was so sweet to track my package for me. I wasn't the only person that order and she was doing this for all of her customers.

When my package arrived Nickole messaged me. Wow! That was too kind. Did I mention she is a small business? I ran downstairs and grabbed my package. I opened it and they were in beautiful black glass jars, a New Yorker's dream. I ordered the Malachite Facial Oil and the Jet Anti-Aging Cleansing Balm. She attached a thank you note, a sample of her Malachite Body Scrub, information on how to use and store the products. In addition to her note she mentioned that the packaging was recyclable. I opened the bottles and the smell was incredible. It immediately reminded me of my favorite luxury spas on Madison Avenue in New York City.

That night I washed my face and it was the moment of truth. I placed the Jet Anti-Aging Cleansing Balm on my fingertips and rubbed it on my face in a circular motion. It melted on my face and the smell was intoxicating. I closed my eyes and was immediately transported to my favorite luxury spa. I washed it off and my skin felt so soft, it was glowing! I then added the oil and it was very light on my skin. I have a stubborn dry patch on my cheek and I think I just found the solution. I used it every night before I went to sleep and it's my absolute favorite thing. The dry patch on my cheek, gone!

I've become so obsessed with N|S Beauty and what it has done for my skin that I reached out to Nickole and asked a few questions about her brand.

Why did you create a skincare line and choose to incorporate crystals?

I have been using crystals to help balance my energy and shift my mood for years; being around crystals just makes me feel good! For me, beauty comes from how you feel on the inside just as much how you look on the outside. I have a degree as a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, so I try to integrate a holistic approach to living as much as possible. I wanted to create a skincare line that incorporates a holistic approach to bring beauty to the outside with organic, natural ingredients and the way you feel with crystals.

I've seen that you "charge" your products before you ship them out, for people who may not know much about crystals why do you do that?

There are actual crystals in every product and each crystal has different energetic properties. They were chosen to compliment the product. For example: the Jet Cleansing Balm uses Jet crystal powder which helps to remove negativity and stress. When you use our cleanser, you get to remove the gunk of the day from your skin AND your energy because of the Jet crystal. Before each order is shipped, I “charge” the products on a selenite plate. What this does is basically activate the crystals so their properties are amplified for the person who uses them. Selenite has such a pure energy that it helps to clear out any unwanted energy in the crystal and amplifies its properties. This allows you to get the most energetically from each of the crystals.

I've also noticed that you share on your social channels a different crystal and it's meaning and Mask Mondays. Tell us more.

Learning about crystals can be intimidating! There are so many different crystals and a lot of resources out there. I thought posting crystals and their meanings would be a fun way to share some of my favorites and what I’ve learned about them in an approachable way.

Mask Monday is a day I created that gives a prompt, an affirmation, or a mediation to use while using our Amethyst Clay Mask each Monday. With work, kids, and life self-care can sometimes be last on the list, so I wanted a way to remind you to pause and pamper yourself. The prompts always help to connect you with the Amethyst crystal in our face mask so you feel calmer and more peaceful. When you use my products I want it to be a full luxurious experience for your skin and energy!

How should we store the products?

The containers are made of UV protectant glass so you can store them anywhere that is out of contact with water. I keep mine on a tiered shelf on my bathroom counter, they are so pretty displayed.

I've purchased your products and as someone with extremely sensitive skin and allergies to smell can you tell us what is in it? Also, I've said this multiple times but it smells like a luxurious spa, can you please tell me again about the rose you mentioned?

I have very sensitive skin too! I love buying beautiful, luxurious skincare products but they always have a lot of heavy fragrance. I wanted to create a skincare line that felt just as luxe without any synthetic scents. I only use organic essential oils. It was important for me to not add a fragrance just for the scent alone. Each oil smells light and beautiful but also has properties that benefit the skin. For instance, in our cleansing balm I use Geranium and Lavender oil which is anti-inflammatory and helps to tighten facial skin to slow down the effects of aging but it smells like a luxurious spa experience.

Another favorite is the rose I use in the Malachite Facial oil which is Bulgarian rose and it is heavenly! It is the essential oil extracted from the petals of one of the rarest flowers in the world, the Organic Bulgarian Rose Damascena; which is only cultivated and harvested in the Rose Valley of Kazanlak. This oil gives a lightly spiced rose scent with the added anti-aging benefits of helping to retain skin’s elasticity. It is my absolute favorite scent!

Another reason why I love your products are the black glass jars. Can you tell us more about why you choose that color and material? Any recommendations of how to reuse them?

Black is my fashion color of choice! It’s timeless and classic yet sexy. I wanted my brand to reflect my tastes so I had a vision for all black, classic packaging. I found a company that made the jars I had envisioned and fell in love with their heavy weight and luxe feel. With these, the black is for aesthetic purposes but is also functional! The black glass blocks out UV light which is so important. I don’t use preservatives or fillers of any kind so it helps to preserve the products for a longer shelf life. I wanted my company to be as sustainable as possible. I don’t use any extra boxes or packaging to keep my carbon footprint low. All shipping material is recyclable and the jars can be reused. I keep my jewelry or crystals in them!

Besides your website where can people buy your products?

If you are local to Des Moines, you can find N|S BEAUTY at KIN a local apothecary store.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

When I envisioned my dream company, I wanted to create a luxurious experience from the moment you open the box to the time you use the products. It’s important to me that you feel taken care of and pampered! One special way I do that is with every order you receive a handpicked tumbled crystal and complimentary sample. I love seeing customers using the crystals or using the products. It makes me so happy to spread a little love and pampering around the world!

N|S Beauty has not only helped my skin glow more than ever it has become a ritual of relaxation for me. I highly recommend it and when you visit the website use my code: ANGELICA10 and save 10% on any N|S BEAUTY purchase online. Trust me you are going to love it. Create a spa day for yourself, the smell alone will transport you. Just don't forget to add champagne and some delicious chocolate. Cheers!


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