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London Fashion Week Favorites

A collection of designers that I am currently obsessing over.

I have to say that so far during Fashion Month London Fashion Week has been my favorite. I truly enjoyed their topic of sustainable fashion as well. It was a topic of conversation throughout the week and many designers used recycle materials. There are so many shows that I loved and want to share but I think this post would never end.

I also want to add that the London Week Fashion Show's website was the best organized so far. Fashion Month is not over yet but so far London is ahead of the game. The shows were broken down by the calendar date and time, you simply clicked on it and you were there. Many of the shows got to the point. Though I love that many designers are creative and want to create an unforgettable film when you are trying to see all the shows you just want to see the clothes. I know that sounds horrible, I mean I am watching in the comfort of my home and it's not like I have to run from one show to another, but honestly there are a lot of designers. I know there isn't much of a difference in timing, I remember the days of going to the shows and getting there early. Finding the room, seeing people I knew, waiting for them to peel the plastic off the runway and then the show would start and run anywhere from 10-20 minutes. It would be a total of 30 to 40 minutes then off we would run to the next show and do it all over again.

There were so many great collections but I will share a few of my favorites. Of course, Vivienne Westwood! She will always be a a favorite at London Fashion Week. I've always loved her designs from the punk rock in the 80's and the way she layers her clothing. Molly Goddard created a feminine look with beautiful Spring colors. Harris Reed's debut collection call, "For Now, Unexplained" featured men in platform shoes, beautiful suiting with tulle. Next up, I have to talk about handbag designer Published By which featured a few metallic and architectural handbags. Another favorite was MARRKNULL, the show alone was unique. They had the models suspended in the air in the forest as they lowered each model down. The designs gave me a bit of Maison Margiela and Junya Watanabe vibes. Another men's wear collection that popped was Tokyo James, he created colorful and adorned suiting. Next up one of my favorite designers, Simone Rocha. I've always be in love with the shapes, textures and layering. I remember when I used to work in SoHo and pass by the store window and dream. Though I love the designs I never felt like they would look great on me since I don't wear clothing like that but I think it's time. Next up I fell in love with Erdem, the patterns of the pieces as always were elegant and ladylike. Another designer with feminine pieces was Emilia Wickstead. It felt like Classic Old Hollywood. The colors were lovely and the floral patterns were timeless.

I'm still trying to catch up to Milano Fashion Week and I am looking forward to Paris Fashion Week, but I have to say I enjoyed a lot of the shows from London. I have to create my fashion budget for Fall because the temptation is real.


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