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In Her Shoes

An Adventure At A Marc Jacobs Sample Sale In New York City.

Yesterday morning I did my usual, drag myself out of bed, go to the kitchen and drank my pre-workout drink. As I sat there and let the drink kick in, I decided to scroll on Instagram. There was a Marc Jacobs sample sale. I decided to scroll through the pictures they posted and there she was a pair of pink embellished mules that was just extraordinary. I couldn't believe it! Last summer I attended a Women's Circle at The Bronx where we created vision boards. I saw this shoe in a magazine and cut it out. The board got destroyed but I was able to save some pictures and one of those pictures was this shoe. I didn't want the shoe it was just an inspiration piece. It was elegant, big, bright, fabulous! It was a reminder to take it to the next level. That I can and will build my brand, blog and business. This shoe was at the sale and I had to have it.

I commented on the post, "I am on my way, hold the pink shoes!" I had so many strangers message me, asking me to let them know about the line and if they had any good stuff. I got worried because as a New Yorker I know the sample sale lines get bananas. As a Native New Yorker, I would laugh at people standing in line for fashion. Hello, I worked in luxury fashion for years and love it, but I just couldn't do it. I don't like long lines; I am a typical New Yorker. Nope, not me! Even though I was semi-worried, I thought well we are in a middle of a pandemic it won't be that bad. I decided to workout. After my workout I jumped in the shower and threw on whatever I found and my Reeboks. I got there and the line was around the block, ugh no! I saw across the street there was another line that wrapped the corner twice and to the opposite sidewalk. Woo! People were talking saying it was the Hugo Boss sample sale. I stood in line and waited about an hour then finally got in. I went straight to the shoes and the boxes said Hugo Boss. Wait! What? I was at the wrong spot. I couldn't believe I did this. What a rookie move. I ran across the street and had to crossover to the other sidewalk. It still wrapped around twice, there were at least 300 people ahead of me.

I responded to the people on Instagram while I waited to give them a warning. I had a 3PM appointment and I couldn't believe that I just wasted my time. I could've been done already and still had time to walk the city before my appointment. I also did not eat before I left which is not like me, but I was determined to get these shoes. I spoke to one of the employees who was handling the lines and asked him about the setup since the line did not move at all. He informed me they were only allowing 50 people at a time with a 30-minute shopping time. I told him all I need is 5 minutes and told him about the shoes. I waited about 15 minutes and the line started to move and I crossed the street, but I was still wrapped on the outside sidewalk. It was torture! People really do this? I set my phone alarm to 2:30PM so I wouldn't be late to my appointment. I even called to see if I could push it, but it was a no. More time passed and the line moved again. Tick Tock... I saw boxes of shoes lined up against the window. All I kept thinking was please these shoes belong to me. They are symbolic, it's a message from the universe. People are going to want them. They are spectacular and unique. More time passes. I kept thinking are people getting more than 30 minutes because this line is not moving. It began to move again, and I was about 10 spots away from the entrance. The guy that worked came to me and said you will be in the next group. I looked at the time and it was 2:25PM. I told him I had to leave in 5 minutes to get to my appointment. He then said, but your shoes? I know! I waited until 2:39PM and I left. He looked at me and I thanked him for being so kind. I said I will try again, and he wished me luck.

I ran to my appointment and barely made it. I left and decided I was going back to the sample sale. I had an internal chat and told myself not to get excited. I was there at 11:30AM and the amount of people that went in before me, there was no way the shoes were going to be there. However, I couldn't give up. THIS WAS MY DESTINY! I know I am dramatic. I went back uptown, and I needed to get food before I went back to that line. I grabbed a baguette from Paris Baguette and did my super-fast New York walk towards the sample sale. The line was not as long this time it was only one line. I was on the back of the line eating and waiting. It moved about 30 minutes later and then I saw the employee again. He was shocked and said you came back. I told him; I am determined to get these shoes if it's the last thing I do. He smiled and wished me luck. Again, the line took forever to move. I really believed they got to shop more than 30 minutes. I was getting closer, 5 people in front of me and I waited another 30 minutes which felt more like 3 hours. The employee came back and said you are going in soon; I hope your shoes are still there.

It was time to go in, ticket in hand, jacket off and ready to check in. I purposely didn't bring a purse or heavy coat because you have to check them in, and I didn't want to waste time. They took my temperature, I checked in and ran towards the shoes. Hundreds and hundreds of shoes lined up and there she was! Pink, Embellished and Showing Off. I picked her up and ask if I could try them on. They were a size 8 but I am a 7. I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. I asked for the pair and the young lady behind the table told me that she didn't have the other foot. All the boxes were different sizes. I gasped and took a breath. There was no way that it was going to end this way. I politely asked if perhaps the wrong size could be in one of the boxes. I didn't want to be that person, but I worked in retail and I know how crazy it can get. She was so kind and looked under the table and found a fresh pair. I was happy and couldn't stop thanking her. I put my sneakers back on and was going to leave. I was there for 5 minutes but I decided to look at the other pieces since I waited an entire day. I looked around and saw a few other boots that were gorgeous but had to walk away. I then saw a few beautiful dresses and skirts. I went upstairs and there were only a few handbags left. One caught my eye, but I walked away. I was only here for the shoes. I checked out and went home happy. I looked for the employee outside to thank him and show him the shoes, but I couldn't find him. I took the train back home and I was so tired.

I couldn't believe that I stood in line for an entire day for a pair of shoes. I know some people may think that standing in a line for a pair of shoes my not be newsworthy but it's not just about the shoes. Though this will be a beautiful addition to my collection, shoe addiction problems. I kept thinking about this shoe being on my board at my desk. I look at it every day with the rest of the things on the board and I keep telling myself every day to be productive. I keep telling myself to do all the things even if it doesn't make sense. She is a part of my journey. She was on my board to inspire me to get to the next level. I know my journey to expand my brand won't be easy and today's adventure to get these shoes was a lesson. I took my time, I made a mistake, I had to wait again, I had to leave, I came back, I waited some more, what I needed was not available, but I took a minute to clear my thoughts and with patience and kindness I was able to get it. To some people there just another pair of designer shoes, to me they are a reminder that I can't give up. This is a journey and there will be a lot of waiting, disappointments and mistakes along the way, but you have to admit they are FABULOUS!


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