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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in New York

An Interactive Experience That Will Take Your Breath Away.

For weeks I’ve been seeing Van Gogh’s Virtual Art Experience on social media, and I was intrigued. Starry Night is my favorite paintings and when I go to the MOMA, I will swing by to stare at it for hours. Although I was intrigued, I still wasn’t sure about going. I went to a virtual show last year and although it was cool it was just one big room and nothing much. I felt like this was going to be the same. Then I was invited by the producer to see the show and I rsvp’d.

I decided to go on a Sunday afternoon, so unlike me since I don’t like to go anywhere on the weekends to avoid crowds. The tickets were timed and limited capacity. I arrived and I was escorted through a private entrance and room. They welcomed me with a gift bag, gave me a breakdown about the show and then escorted me to another entrance. Before walking into the room there was a room sized Van Gogh’s self-portrait.

There was a small hallway with Van Gogh’s story and an actual photo of the artist. We make a left and there was the first room. There were circles on the floor that were socially distanced from one another, and my friend and I sat down. There were mirrored sculptures throughout the room. I didn’t want to be that person to take out my phone and just record but it was beautiful. Every couple of times I would place my phone down and I lay back. Yup I laid on the floor and watched the entire room light up with all of Van Gogh’s work, the music played, the fields of yellow flowers were moving. The sun rose and set. It was alive and it was brilliant.

This was more than just art scrolling on a screen. It was alive and I was a part of it. When you look at art, you appreciate, love it, it evokes emotion, but this was an elevated experience. This time you are in it. It was moving and you could hear the sounds of what that image were portraying. This was taking Van Gogh’s art to another level and one of the many people we need to appreciate for this brilliant interpretation is digital artist, Massimiliano Siccardi, who created this immersive experience. In addition, we have to recognize the Italian composer Luca Longbardi who created the soundtrack for the show. As well as, set designer David Korins, his mirrored sculptures and room set up was perfection especially during a time when we have to be socially distant. The images bounced off the mirrors and it felt bigger. He even created a private date booth that has a bird’s eye view in the largest room.

After you walk out of the experience and towards the gift shop there was an exhibit of fashion designs inspired by Van Gogh’s art. The gift shop is actually worth it too. I’m not big on gift shops but I couldn’t help myself and purchased a few satin sleeping masks, one of Starry Night and the other of the Skull of Skelton with Burning Cigarette. I also bought the skeleton journal after I told myself that I don’t need any more journals. They have books, china, soaps, poster, calendars and more. In addition, they also have a sexy French café where you can enjoy croissants and espresso.

If you love Van Gogh’s art and want to experience his creations in a unique way this is the place to go. You can sit on the ground and be one with Van Gogh’s world. It will evoke so much emotion that you might even shed a tear. It’s truly spectacular, and I am definitely going back before it closes at the end of August.


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