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Animal Pharmacy

When you need clarity and connection.

I will admit I've had my cards read, being a Latina I know all about Santeria and people with special gifts. I've seen it all. Now it's not about curses, potions and hexes. I believe that there is a higher power and that we are all connected. I have seen many people with this gift. Then I met Cara from Animal Pharmacy. I didn't understand what Animal Pharmacy meant and I was curious. She read people's cards based on animals. What does that mean? "Animal Pharmacy uses the wisdom of Animal Medicine and is dedicated to the exploration and expansion of collective consciousness. It is toolbox to connect you to you and help heal yourself and that you are in control of your reality."

So to break it down a bit Animal Pharmacy is inspired by animal medicine from the indeginous people of North America. It's a bit more complex however to understand what is all means it's a combination of the animals' mythology, behavior, and lore. It has something to teach us. Cara created these beautiful card decks for your reading. She takes her time explaining what each animal from the 6 cards you picked mean and how it relates to your energy or the path you are on or should take. It's mesmerizing and when you look at the cards and attention to details you understand her passion. Each card is handcrafted by Cara. Often at the end of your reading she will give you one of the 6 cards that spoke the most to you. A reminder to continue your path, focus, and not forget that you are always meant to do something.

Most recently I had my birthday and I was sad. It was a few days before we got locked down in NYC because of COVID-19 and I don't like to celebrate my birthday at all. In fact, I don't tell people the date. I went on as business as usual but Cara was the only one that noticed and grabbed me. She is fully aware, she feels your energy, she is sympathic and kind. This is why her readings are real. I didn't have to say one word or show a certain emotion, she just felt my energy. Yesterday she did a virtual reading. Her readings are usually 30 mins or so but this was a full 60 mins. It truly was powerful! The world is on lockdown beause of COVID-19 and more than ever people feel at a lost. But here's Cara sharing her gift and even after her long reading, that takes a lot of her energy I might add, she created a reading on her YouTube channel shortly after for anyone dealing with the stresses of our current pandemic.

The world is at a standstill right now and we need to focus, to realize our potential more than ever. I work out, I read, I listen to music, I look at my new vision board that I created to see what I need to do next to expand my business and I have Animal Pharmacy. When I sit down with Cara, well now virtually, I have a greater understanding of how I'm connected to this animal, the world and what I can control. It is an extension to everything else I do to improve and feel at ease.


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