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Finding The Right Skincare For My Sensitive Skin.

SkinCare with a great cause and perfect for active women.

In March 2019 my face was red hot and itchy. I didn't know why? I was going through everything. Did I eat mushrooms? (I'm allergic). Did I buy a new hair product, skincare, makeup or cleanser? Hmm, I think I did try a new hair mask. Okay, it's probably that. I left my skin alone and made sure I moisturized and didn't scratch my face. More than the itch, the burning! My goodness, I will never buy that hair mask again. Almost a week passed and when I went to work everybody just looked at me and asked if I was okay. My face was beet red and puffy. Oh O! My boss said, "Go to the doctor now!" I called my dermatologist for an emergency appointment. The doctor looked at my skin and said, "You're having allergic reaction." Duh! Yes, but to what and why? I went through my list of products I used after the mask. My doctor had a theory, I was allergic to my skin cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin. What? But I've been using it for a year, how is that possible? My doctor informed me in simpler terms, that my skin developed an allergy after multiple exposure to my daily use. My body was fighting the allergy inside and that is just gave up and now it's overreacting. What? But to be sure, they were going to do an allergy patch test on my back.

“The doctor looked at my skin and said, You're having allergic reaction. Duh! Yes, but to what and why?”

I went in the next day and they prepped my back. They placed ten large patches on my back with 92 individual dots of chemicals. I had to keep it on for three days. Bathing, sleeping, putting on clothes was a pain. I felt tingling sensations on my back all three days. I finally went back and they took the patches off to reveal my skin. It had a reaction to some of the dots but worse I had a reaction to the tape they used to keep the patches in place. My skin was raised and and I had boxes of red markings along my back. What a hot mess! They had to give me medication. Plus my back was black from the marker they used to keep track of the dots. So here I am with huge red square markings, with little raised dots with a black back. Did I mention that I was going to fly out to Puerto Rico in 3 days. I couldn't scrub my back and I had to rush to get the medication filled to calm this inflammation. A few days later while in Puerto Rico I received a message from my doctor with over 500 products that I am allergic to, one of them being Cetaphil. My cleanser that is made for sensitive skin. I received another document with the name of the chemicals I most allergic to and there were foods that use them too. Granted it is junk food but no more Betty Crocker moist cake (which I haven't had since I was a kid) or as I joked on my instagram stories, Wishbone French Dressing. If you are Puerto Rican you understand!

I went on a hunt. I now have to revamp my entire beauty routine. I have to look at every label from toothpaste, hair care, body wash to #skincare. Every time I went to a store, I have to pull up the PDF on my phone with the list. Then came Athia Skincare. They reached out to me and wanted me to become an ambassador for their products. Their products are formulated for active women, as you know I workout 6 to 7 days a week depending on my current challenge with my team. So I figured I'd take a look. I wanted to see what kind of products they carried. It ranged from moisturizers, cleanser, post workout sprays to lip plumper. I love that they had 5 pack hydrating mask and coconut lip scrub at affordable prices. They also offered bundle packages for extra savings. Okay I was getting excited, I scrolled to their ingredients and alas they don't have any of the chemicals that hurt my skin. I kept scrolling to discover that the use all natural ingredients that are Made in the USA and 100% Cruelty Free. Their products meet the Sephora Clean Standard - which means - free of: sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban and less than one percent synthetic fragrances. Oh, and it was created by a woman!

Athia's mission is to inspire, empower and create a community of Strong Women. I was falling in love, that is the same message and mission for my Team. I kept scrolling the site and I also discovered that they offered scholarships for girls. They partnered with She's the First and any Athia purchases directly help provide scholarships for young girls around the world. Each month a new girl receives a scholarship using proceeds from every purchase. So I decided to become an ambassador and share my new discovery.

I tried their Champagne Mask and I loved it. Better yet, my skin loved it! I already have the moisturizing lip plumper, post workout spray and hydrating masks. I can't wait to use these products and support a brand that is doing good things for young girls. I've always had issues with my skin but now that I got to the root of the issue, I am glad I found a brand that won't hurt my skin. So go check them out and when you do, use my code: AthiapT4e to get 15% Off your order.


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