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Digital Art Exhibit in the City

A Sneak Peek of Artechouse's Exhibit of Pantone 2020 Classic Blue.

I am one of the luckiest people in New York City. I've had the opportunity to experience art, theater, concerts, restaurants and more before they are available to the public. It's been months since I've had this opportunity since we quarantined in March. The city has been on lockdown for so long and tourist attractions are closed. I am still sad about Broadway not reopening until May 2021. I received an invite for #Artechhouse in the Meatpacking District and I RSVP'd in 30 seconds. I am in desperate need of some NYC Life and Art. It's a digital art exhibit based on the Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue.

I arrive and they only allowed a small group at a time. They escorted us in into a room before the exhibit and gave us a mini gift bag filled with a black mask, black disposal gloves and their business card. We watched a quick video about the art exhibit and their safety standards. Masks must be on at all times and everyone must stay 6 feet apart. When you walk into the space, they created a virtual bar since they are unable to have a real bar per safety codes. They have images of people sitting at a bar with the bartender taking their order. Then the image pixelates into a new people at the bar. Towards the end of the bar there is a virtual image of Edward Hoppers' famous painting "Nighthawks". It felt so real, you want to walk in and sit at the bar. As you look down the entire room is lit up with the digital blue images changing, the music hypnotizing as the projection changes.

I thought there would be multiple rooms but it's just this one big room. There were about 6 to 8 benches throughout back of the walls where people could sit. There were a few people sitting on the floor, standing on the pole, or leaning against the walls as the images flashed away. At one point it felt like you were in a Van Gogh Painting, then in a psychedelic trip, in the ocean then into space. It was mesmerizing, haunting and peaceful. You could move about the room and you could feel the vibration of the music. The images were also displayed on the floor and at one point there was what seemed like a planet moving across the wall towards the floor. A young woman sat right in the middle of the "planet" as someone recorded her. Honestly it was a bit annoying since they had camera equipment and were making a video. I know it was a private invite only and limited to a certain amount of people but she really took over the space. Each time I tried to go to a section to really take it in, she and her cameraman were getting in our space. I'm not sure if she was making a video for the exhibit or is she was a blogger. Either way as annoyed as I was I did enjoy the exhibit. I spent about thirty minutes then left since I was hot and the video girl was getting on my nerves. I'm sure if I stayed longer I would've have truly enjoyed it more. It was fascinating and the blue was calming. The exit is quite fun too since you just had to push the door to get out. The only way to find the door is to look for the exit sign since the room was engulfed with the images. So as you pushed to get out it felt like you were touching the art or part of it for a second.

The exhibit's theme Celestial, is exactly what is needed at this time. From earth to water to air. " The idea is that Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. The new installation seek to do the same, centering out thoughts and fostering resilience." 2020 is a challenging year for many. My life has changed dramatically since we've been on lockdown and New York has slowly been coming back to life. This was my first event since March and I am glad that it was a calming one. The exhibit opens today and I would recommend a visit if you want to enjoy a bit of tranquility and then a night in the neighborhood. It's a short visit but the restaurants in the neighborhood are open and need our full support. There are so many hot spots that were so tough to get in the past and this is the perfect opportunity to get in and enjoy these yummy restaurants.


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