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My Chocolate Addiction

VIP Access & Chocolate Tasting at Li-Lac Chocolates Brooklyn

I LOVE Chocolate! There I said it. I have to eat it every single day. No really, everyday. I have a huge sweet tooth and though I have been able to curve my sugar addition since I became a wellness coach, I will not give up my chocolate. The solution, eat the good stuff. There is is so much processed crap out there. Will I ever say no to a snickers bar? Probably not, but it won't be an every day occurrence.

As I walked in I had to control myself. I had to keep my hands by my side so I wouldn't reach out and start eating every piece."

Last year I had the opportunity to go to one of New York's oldest chocolatier, Li-Lac Chocolates in Brooklyn. It has been open since 1923 and their chocolate is so yummy. I had access to it's kitchen, now they don't do tours but you know when you are a VIP and an addict they might be an exception. As I walked in I had to control myself. I had to keep my hands by my side so I wouldn't reach out and start eating every piece.

They gave me a hairnet and I walked into the back with my Gucci heels ready to devour chocolate or so I thought. I walked pass a table lined up with beautiful truffles ready to be boxed by lovely ladies. Then I met with the head chocolatier, he had the table filled with molds and behind him huge barrel machines filled with chocolate spinning behind him. He showed me how to fill the molds, knock out the bubbles and place in the fridge. That's it, oh I can do that! I picked my mold, walked towards the machine press my Gucci's on the pedal then realized that is not as easy as I thought. A little heavier on the pedal and my mold would be overflowing with warming delicious chocolate. Hmm..maybe not too much of a bad thing. But it was done and off to the fridge.

As my mold cooled down, I was able to explore the rest of the kitchen. They had chocolate of all shapes and sizes. Empire State Building, owls, penguins, cats, champagne bottles shoes and so much more! The smell was over powering. I had to control myself. They gave me a brief history and the finally after it cooled down my chocolate creation, The Statue of Liberty. As I began to walk out there was another table of chocolatiers creating coconut clusters. Why? I need to get out of there. The smell was intoxicating!

I had an experience of a lifetime. No one gets a chance to explore the kitchens of Li-Lac Chocolates and here I was playing with chocolate resisting the urge to eat every piece. So the next time you want to reach for a counter candy bar, remember there are better options. They have multiple locations throughout New York City and of course the original location in Brooklyn.


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