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Customized Lipstick in Brooklyn

Creating The Perfect Lipstick Color.

My friend had a birthday and she wanted to do something different. She sent me a message and invited me to a private party at Lip Lab by Bite in Brooklyn where you can customize your own lipstick. I’ve always wanted to go there, and I couldn’t wait. We arrived a bit early and sat down on the couch filled with lip pillows. The space was bright and had beautiful jars filled with colors. They had a mini section filled with lipsticks, lip gloss and lip liners and in the back, they had a private room.

Before we sat down, they disinfected and cleaned the entire area. We sat at the counter, and they gave us a sheet with a breakdown of the lipstick process. First you pick the shade, finish, flavor and then finally you name it. There were four of us and two Lip Specialist. They first started with the birthday girl, and she had a picture of the color she wanted. Right away the Lip Specialist began to pick out jars filled with different colors and explained how it would work. She began to mix them in front of us. My friend tried on the color, and it was close but felt is needed a bit more of a berry tone. The Lip Specialist had a card with pictures of lips and placed the formula of the first color on the first lip. She then grabbed more jars and started again. My friend had about 4 different colors until she decided on the one she loved. Once she chose the color, the Lip Specialist went back to her card notes and mixed the color by weighing them. They had 4 scents lemon, mango, mint and vanilla. She opted for mint and a satin finish.

It was my turn, and I wanted the J. Lo nude. You know the one, it’s the perfect nude on your caramel skin tone that no brand seems to get right. Well, here we go! I went through four variations until we got one that worked for me. I went with luminous of course and mint flavor. She mixed the colors, melted it down and then placed it in a metal container to shape it. While it cooled, she started to engrave the name I chose on the cover. I walked around the store since we had it to ourselves and took some pictures.

My new lipstick was finally cooled and shaped and the Lip Specialist placed it in the container. She wrapped it up in a beautiful box and placed it in a mini shopping bag. It was such great experience. We laughed, ask the ladies hundreds of questions and not only get to play with makeup but create the best colors for ourselves. It was a unique birthday outing and yes, we did have cocktails afterwards.

The price for your first customized lipstick is $60 and any additional colors is $40. An additional advantage in creating your customized lipstick with Lip Lap by Bite is that they save your formula so if you get a refill the cost will be $35. If you can’t go to one of their locations, you can reserve a virtual consultation. If one of your things is lipstick and you can’t seem to find that perfect color, Lip Lab by Bite is the perfect spot to create that color you always dreamed of. A cool bonus is that you get to name your color whatever you want too. They have locations in New York, California, Las Vegas and Canada.


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