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Custom & DIY Lingerie By Madalynne Intimates

Discovering a designer that was trained with a tailor from Christian Dior.

Before I relaunched my website and considering that we were still quarantined I started to share My Favs of the Day on my instagram stories. I needed an outlet to share my passion. The original plan was to go out into the world find my favorite shoes, chocolate, #lingerie and share it on my blog but that wasn't going to happen. Behold social media and the internet. I know a lot of the bigger names and yes they are still favs but what about the smaller brands? I was on a hunt to find designers that create beautiful things and may not be known by a lot of people. Everyday I would scroll through instagram, I used keywords, phrases, I would jump from page to page. I would see beautiful designs, sexy lingerie, designers creating for women with smaller busts, designers creating for women of all sizes then I found Madalynne Intimates.

Who was Myshka? Well per Madelynne's description a mad scientist that had a reputation for being absolutely nuts and worked for Christian Dior.

It immediately caught my attention, customized lingerie! What woman doesn't want to have their lingerie to fit them perfectly? I jumped into her site and started clicking. As I scrolled through her website, I discovered she is based in Philadelphia. Not too far from NYC.. woohoo! I can't wait for the world to reopen again. She also offers DIY and sells a kit so you can create your own masterpiece. But don't fret, she also offers classes to help you. Since the world is on lockdown she began doing Virtual Classes. Wow! As I continued to click through the site I wanted to know more about this brilliant woman that customizes and teaches women to feel beautiful.

Her Journey

She learned how to sew when she was eighteen years old. She went to her neighborhood tailor, Myshka for a lesson that turned into a 2 1/2 year apprenticeship. Who was Myshka? Well per Madelynne's description a mad scientist that had a reputation for being absolutely nuts and worked for Christian Dior. I was already impressed with her pieces and the services she offered but when I saw this, the girl who worked in fashion luxury, I was in awe. No, it doesn't matter but it does. I mean how amazing is it to have the opportunity to learn from someone that worked in one of the oldest luxury fashion houses in the world. I messaged her and asked if I may use her photos so I can share on my blog. The world needs to know her. Though she has been featured in Vogue, NY Times Fashion, Forbes and more.

She has a ready made collection that can be found in her stock list on her site if you don't sew or simply want her pretty designs immediately. If you do want to take her DIY classes, her next class will be in October. She took a mini break since she just got married last week. Oh, and she handmade her own wedding dress! I was all over her instagram page looking at her creation. I am in love with Madalynne Intimates, her story is courageous and sweet. Once you start following her on instagram you immediately feel her passion. I can't wait till the world reopens so I can go to Philly and meet her personally.


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