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Bootie Season

Fall Must Haves

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Fall is right around the corner and that means it's time for some booties. I've been on the hunt for new boots that are stylish, comfortable and affordable. After an extensive search I found them. Extra bonus they have a few waterproof leather and suede options too.

They've been around since 1927 and they are known for their comfort. I decided to take a look and I found so many styles. They had suede, snakeskin, leopard, and some with a few extra details on the boots. A lot of their boots also come in multiple colors. So if you have a favorite you can get one in every color.

Their prices are great for the woman that wants quality but not designer prices. The most expensive boot was $209. I couldn't believe it! They also have cute summer sandals and espadrilles. They are currently are having a summer sale and prices are starting at $59.

There are a few great options but if you want to get to have a strong Bootie Game this Fall I would definitely stock up on their styles. You can't beat the prices with the added comfort.


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