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Apple Picking In New Paltz, NY

Strolling in a New Town and Taking in the Views.

Do you know I live in the Big Apple and never actually picked an apple in New York? Yes, I know. Though the origins of its nickname is a mystery we do have plenty apple farms. For years I wanted to go and pick my own apple. Every Fall would come and go and nada. 2020 seems like the perfect year to make it happen. I called my best friend and said let's go #applepicking, I'll pay for the gas. There are so many farms in New York and I was trying to decide which would be the best option. There are more restrictions and most are open on weekends only. I decided on Jenkins-Lueken Orchards in New Paltz because it's open on the weekdays and it's in a cute town. We can stroll after we are done picking our apples.

When we arrived at New Paltz we came towards an intersections with signs of #orchards everywhere. My best friend made a joke that if we couldn't find apples at this orchard we have plenty of others to visit. We made a left and drove to the orchard. We had no idea were to go and check in. As we walked into the market the lady behind the counter just stared at us. We asked if we have to buy a ticket or bag to get apples. She told us the big orchard is closed and we could go to the small orchard behind the shop. Okay, that sucks but how much time can you spend in an orchard anyway? I purchased a $30 bag and headed towards the back. It was bare, it had 6 rows of trees. It was kind of sad and I was disappointed. My friend told me to hold an apple so she could take a picture of me. I was not in the mood. She said okay, take a minute. I gave myself a time out, then started picking what little apples I could find. Then my friends and I just started taking pictures and being silly. There was a rock and I grabbed the apple picker and said, I am Queen of the Orchard now. I had to laugh, despite that the trees were bare and we were in the smallest part of the orchard. I was surrounded by a beautiful landscape and the weather was perfect so really there was no need to be in a bad mood. Not to mention I was with my friends and we just made the best of it.

We had to use the apple picker to get to the top of the tree and our bag was filled to the rim. We were done in 15 mins. We placed the bag in the car and went into the market. I wanted my apple cider donuts. I read about it so much, I had my heart set on it. We walked the market and they had homemade jams, ready to bake apple pies, pumpkins, squash and more. I grabbed a jar of strawberry jam and the line was so long. Wow, where did all these people come from? I was ready to pay for my jam and I asked for some donuts and they were sold out. The case was filled a moment ago. I asked the lady if they were going to have more, she said no. But then said there are seven left but she was taking it. Well, that's a wrap. I paid for my jam and just got in the car. I was not in a good mood. My friend said we'll go to another farm. Whatever...that was twice this farm dissapointed me. I really had to pick this one. Sheesh. We got in the car and decided to drive around. It was so beautiful, okay back to good mood. We passed another farm with two donkeys and my best friend stopped. He was so silly and started making noises. We were cracking up and the next thing you know the donkeys came towards the car. My best friend was having a conversation with them.

We took off and just drove off to see more of this beautiful landscape. The colors of the trees were turning to the beautiful autumn hue. We turned around an headed towards the town to see what we could find. We ended up stopping at Wallkill View Farm. They had a pumpkin patch and the market was huge. Their signage was perfect, "Please no group shopping and shop with purpose. Thank You!" We walked into the left and it had a section filled with huge pumpkins and squash, as you walked towards the back they had flowers. The inside of the shop had jams, food, baked goods and apple cider donuts. Alas, my mission will be complete. I waited on line to get my donuts. I purchased half a dozen. I went outside, took my mask off and took the first bite. Perfection! My intention was to share but that didn't happen. Whoops.

We got back into the car and headed towards the town. We found a spot to have lunch that had the view of the mountains in front of us. The lunch was okay but we were having so much fun and enjoying that sun that it didn't matter. We went across the street after we were done and headed towards a little strip of shops. Most were already closed but they were so quaint. There were a few antique, flower and jewelry stores. There was a huge red barn in the back that was an antique shop but it was closed too. It was still a lovely stroll. It was peaceful and quiet. We kept strolling and my friend wanted coffee. We searched and found a little alley. There it was, a #ChocolateShop. I ran to the window and there were counters filled with handmade chocolate. Is this heaven? We went in and I was so happy and overwhelmed. So many choices! My best friend grabbed a box and I just couldn't, I knew I would eat it all and I had to control myself. I chose four pieces. We went across the street to a vegan coffee spot then continued to stroll around the town. We decided to call it a day and walked towards the car. When we got to the parking lot we saw the sun about to set over the mountains. We just stopped and decided to enjoy the moment. I've seen the sun set but this moment felt perfect. The fall colors and mountain views were just what we needed. We stood there an for a moment and just looked at each other. I said, "Do you see how quickly the sun is setting?" It felt like if we turned our head for a moment it would be gone. It was going down so quickly. The sun was gone and we jumped into the car back into the city.

The apple orchard was okay and I am sure there are plenty of other opportunities to explore more in the future but the memories of being with my friends and discovering a new town was what I really wanted. I now have apples for days, even though we divided amongst the four of us. Also I recommend picking your own apple if you have the opportunity. Have you ever tasted a fresh apple straight from the farm? It's absolutely delicious. Okay, I have to go now. I have to make some applesauce and pies before they go bad.


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