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A Latina Owned Candle Business With A Twist.

A Unique Candle Brand That Creates Beautiful Scents and Are Filled With Crystals.

A few weeks ago, I attended the Lady Leadership Event in Allentown, PA and I met so many women with amazing businesses. I passed by one of the tables filled with candles with lots of crystals called Wishes & Wicks. I went towards the table and met the owner, Amber Figueroa. She had so many candles with cool names like, Sunshine + Yuzu, Sunkissed Turmeric, Coastal Water + Good and scents like Banana Nut Bread, Coffee and more. What also stood out where the number of crystals in the candles, it was overflowing with beautiful colors.

I reached for the candles to smell them, and they were not overpowering at all. She had several sizes too. She told me how she began making her candles, what started off as a hobby transformed into a business. When I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about her candles and reached out to find out more about her brand and vision.

1. Can you tell us how you got started?

Candle making was something that started has a hobby for me and slowly made its way to a whole business. I knew I wanted to do something different and work for myself. I had always loved buying candles, but I struggled with finding some that were clean and didn’t give me headaches, so I decided to make my own. The fall of 2018 I bought a candle making kit and ended up loving the process and how limitless the creativity could be. I worked endless nights on creating the perfect formula. I taught myself how to make candles by watching endless YouTube videos and doing all the research possible. I launched Wishes & Wicks Candle Co. June 21st, 2019, and I’ve been growing and learning ever since! The journey has been great and will continue to grow as the years go by!

2. Your candles have a lot of crystal inside them, can you share more about why?

I started candle making with just plain candles. I wanted to go for the all-white clean look. One day on a trip to Sedona Arizona I walked into a crystal shop and was taken back by a crystal called labradorite. I loved it so much and at that time I had not known the full healing power of crystals. I decided to put the piece I picked up in one of my personal candles just to see what reactions I would get. Everyone LOVED it. I went home did some research and discovered the power all crystals hold. Crystals are energy and so they work with the energy we cannot see with the naked eye. Each crystal works with different aspects of your chakras helping to keep your aura in alignment, vibrational energy high and to keep you protected. After my findings I knew I wanted to make Wishes & Wicks about self-care and healing and bring this knowledge to people who don’t necessarily know much about the healing aspect of crystals.

3. Do you match your candle scents with specific crystals? Do you have a favorite scent?

I try to be as intentional as possible when using crystals. A lot of research goes into every aspect of my creativity from the colors I use to naming the candle the types of crystals I use and yes sometimes the fragrance plays a huge role and ties it all together! Right now, I would have to say my favorite fragrance would be lavender and lemongrass because it has such a clean beautiful herbal aroma that is great for soothing. I normally pair this fragrance with amethyst crystals to provide the healing energy of peace, clarity and alongside lavender soothing and purifying properties.

4. Where can people purchase your products?

All products can be purchased on my Etsy shop located on the link of my bio or you can simply search Wishes & Wicks Candle Co. on Etsy. I also provide delivery services if you live in the Lehigh Valley area! For delivery or pick up services please Direct message me on Instagram!

5. Would you like to share anything else?

All candles made from Wishes & Wicks Candle Co. are made from an all-natural plant-based process. We use coconut wax derived from the meat of the coconut which provides a cleaner burn. Our candles have a longer lasting burn time, provide healing benefits and are such a great gift for any occasion. Alongside making candles for my own personal inventory on Etsy I also specialize is creating candles for events, special occasions and wholesale for small businesses.

For more information you can email Amber at or contact her via Instagram @wishesandwicks


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