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Creating Sparkle During The Pandemic

How A Mom Created A Business After A Missing Candy Land Game Piece

The last couple of weeks I’ve been meeting a lot of women with their own businesses. I met Elisa, the creator of Basement Glitters. What started off as a quick fix to replace a game piece evolved into a small business of sparkly charms made of resin. She began creating earrings, keychains, hair accessories and more. She gained so much momentum from her new venture that she has expanded into a new business of creating beautiful trays and coasters, named Pattern My Home.

When she spoke about her journey and how it felt to do this during quarantine you can sense her joy. She was creating sparkly things that her children loved, and people wanted. She always loved to paint and make things when it was her “me time”. It all began when one of the pieces from the Candy Land game went missing. Elisa googled for replacement pieces, and she found out about resin. She bought a bear mold and made the replacement piece herself. From there she felt her creative juices flowing and began to make the bears into different things.

She continued to experiment and that’s when she made hair accessories and earrings. One of her most popular earrings are her prayer candle earrings. She grew up with prayer candles and thought having them as earrings would give people protection with style.

With the success of Basement Glitters, she began to expand when she was asked to create trays. She was up for the challenge and now has her new venture, Pattern My Home. Her trays and coasters are made of wood, fabric, and resin. She is currently expanding her designs into other items, and I can’t wait to see what she creates. Elisa is also going to be one of the first sellers at the ShopLatinaMade site which will be launching soon.

You can find Basement Glitters and Pattern My Home on Instagram and you can shop her collection online.

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