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A Day Of Empowering Latina and Black Owned Businesses

The First Ever Ladies Networking Event By Lady Leadership Lab & Entrepreneur Architect

Over the past weekend I went to Allentown, PA for the first ever Lady Leadership Lab & Entrepreneur Architect, Ladies Networking Event. It was an event created by Jaquelyn Rosario who also owns Feminsta & Co. and Megan Colon from Entrepreneur Architect. They created an event for Latina and Black Owned Business can showcase their products and services. It was broken down into two tiers, Vendors and Networkers. The vendors would have tables and the networkers could roam the room while still being featured in the flyer. When Jaquelyn reached out and invited me to participate I opted for Networker since I love meeting women that have businesses, and I could work the room.

This was my first time in over a year traveling. It wasn’t far but after the year we had I was excited to travel. I hopped on the Amtrak the day before and stayed at the Renaissance Hotel where the event was taking place. I had my extra postcards ready and some of the masks I had left from my capsule collection just in case anyone wanted to buy them.

The event started at 10AM, I got ready and headed downstairs around 10:30AM. I was a bit nervous since I was alone. I am usually not but it’s been a year since I’ve been solo at a networking event. I had on my Champagne Only mask that I designed and a tote full just in case anyone wanted to buy one. The elevator doors opened and the first person I saw was Jaquelyn. We ran to each other and hugged. I met Jaquelyn at another networking event in 2019 in New York at The Lit Bar when my friend Cara from The Champagne Diet was having a book reading and panel discussion with other businesswomen. I remember seeing her and approached her. We immediately connected and stayed in touch.

The set up was amazing. They had two rooms filled with tables, a bar setup in both rooms, mini sections of photo ops, a terrace and a DJ blasting music you could dance to. There were so many different businesses ranging from cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, candles, crystals, spas, meal prep services, children clothing and so much more. I began to walk the rooms and go to each table to get to know each vendor. In one section they were offering massages, at another table they were providing eyelash extension. As time went on more women started to arrive and the tables were full. There was a raffle every hour, so the guests got an extra perk. They had a photographer and the media to cover the event. The space was buzzing.

As I walked around and tried to connect with the different women, I was also observing the energy. You can tell it was needed. The attendees were excited to brunch, take great pictures and shop. There were lots of shopping bags, I even snagged a few things myself. The vendors were smiling having multiple conversations with new people. There were moments of mini crowds at different tables as though they were fighting in a sale. They weren’t really but many vendors had exclusive products for the event or special prices for that day. It was exciting to see how many of these women created their business during the pandemic and this event was highlighting them. I spoke with Jaquelyn, and she told me when she had people reach out to participate, she didn’t realize how many women in Allentown had small businesses. She told me this is what she wanted, she wanted to empower them and make sure they were seen.

As the event was coming to a close Jaquelyn and Megan jumped on the mic to thank and congratulate all the women that chose to be there. It was a great moment to see so many Latinas and Black Owned Businesses together supporting one another. I’m glad I went to the event. Although most of the businesses are based in Allentown, PA and I am in NYC, they all have a social media presence so I can easily reach them.

At the end of the event the guests received a swag bag with sample products and gifts from each vendor and networker. I included a sleeping mask with my logo. I want women to always feel luxurious. I jumped on the Amtrak the next day and on my way home I posted all the businesses on my stories. I wanted to highlight these amazing women creating their stories and legacy. It was a much-needed trip, and I am glad I was able to connect with so many new people.

For a inside look at some of the businesses click on the links below:






Event Services



Meal Prep


Real Estate


Sports Coach


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